Covid-Safety Measures 2021

Working Safely During COVID_19

Last updated on 08.01.21

This guidance is taken from the British Film Commission on 08.01.21 and current UK Government guidelines, who have permitted filming work to continue during the third lockdown. However, productions must adhere to COVID-secure guidelines to help stop the contamination risk. Therefore we have put in place the following measures for all our productions during this time.

Filming On Location

✅  All equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after each shoot.

✅ Prioritising outdoor filming over confined spaces.

✅ Using local film crews to minimise the need for travel. 

✅ When filming on location carry out a risk assessment to help stop the contamination risk. 

✅ Social distance, use hand and respiratory hygiene requirements. 

✅ Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible

✅ Avoid physical contact with others (even fist/elbow ‘greeting’ bumps)

✅ Crew members will not attend if they have any symptoms and we will provide an alternative crew member.

✅ No person being filmed will need to come into contact with our crew or equipment, avoiding any close-proximity working.

✅ We will use a boom mic at a safe distance (not clip on microphones attached to clothing).

✅ The distance between the subject and camera will be at least two meters away.

✅ We will consider workplace ventilation options to maximise the impact of social distancing, e.g. opening windows and doors frequently, or if using ventilation systems ensure that they are correctly operating and adjusted.

✅ Carry out COVID-19 symptom checks and have consideration of health, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

✅ Discuss safest possible roles for clinically extremely vulnerable workers who are returning to the workplace.

✅ Supporting and safeguarding those defined by UK Government as most at risk of contracting COVID-19

✅ Cast and crew will be reminded that they must not come to work if they or a member of their household are displaying COVID-19 symptoms under existing UK Government guidance, this includes those who are advised to self-isolate as part of the UK Government’s test and trace program. 

✅ Cast members to be on set only when required for their scene and to avoid unnecessary contact with other crew at all times

✅ Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms will not go to work until they have tested negative with an NHS approved test and/or have undergone a 10-day period of self-isolation from when their symptoms started, and have no continuing symptoms other than a mild continuing cough or anosmia (changed sense of taste/smell).


✅ Staff are working remotely from home to complete post production, as well as zoom meetings when required.

 ✅ To review edits we use a private online viewing system to allow us to showcase edits, to work on any amends required and continue to work remotely where possible. 

 ✅ As this is a continuation of our normal set up we do not anticipate any lag in our usual turnaround times.


✅ If you have any questions or require any more information please contact us at